It’s Time Car Security Got An Upgrade

Most devices offer only a handful of the features needed to fully protect your vehicle and belongings. At Keep, we invented a solution that closes the loopholes in modern car security.

The Knight Is Loaded With Features That Are Simple For You And Miserable For Thieves

Most devices currently on the market offer only a handful of the key features needed to fully protect your vehicle and belongings. You would need to purchase multiple products to get all eight – which will really add up. So we set out to find a solution, and when we couldn’t find one, we created it.

Introducing The Knight, the world’s first connected smart device that deters, alarms, records, monitors, and tracks.

The Knight offers all eight ideal features including:

Easy Installation – Device installs with a few twists and is operational within minutes of unboxing.

Locks in Place – The Knight anchors into the cupholder to prevent thieves from removing while alarming

Deterrent Mode – Sensors detect and deter thieves before they enter your car with loud chirping and flashing lights until thieves back away

Alarm Mode – Emits a 120-decibel siren on par with an ambulance making it nearly impossible for intruders to remain in the vehicle

HD Fish-Eye Lens Camera – Records 360-degree video of each event to the cloud and is viewable live via our Keep app on your smartphone

Monitoring – Notifies the owner of any event and Keep offers a choice of self or professional monitoring to alert authorities immediately upon any break-in

GPS-Enabled – Track your vehicle from your smartphone and notify police of exact coordinates of your vehicle’s location

Unlike other car alarms, The Knight installs in three easy steps:


Twist the device until it locks into place.


Scan the QR code & download the app.


Plug the device into any power source.

The expandable legs anchor into your vehicle’s cupholder, making it nearly impossible for a thief to throw the device out the window. The owner simply unlocks the device through our mobile app.

Our microwave sensor detects intruders as they approach your vehicle. If anyone without a key fob gets near enough to your vehicle to lift the door handle, the alarm will chirp loudly and flash red lights.


Stay connected to your car like never before.

The Keep mobile app allows you to see live video of any event, both inside and outside the windows. The Knight sends immediate notifications of an intruder outside or inside of your vehicle and Keep saves those videos for 60 days.

How It Works

If the thief persists and enters your vehicle, an alarm as loud as an ambulance siren sounds, and The Knight immediately notifies the owner. Most car alarms are designed to be loud outside of the vehicle, relying on neighbors to call the police. We created The Knight to be so loud inside the car that the thief must exit.

Monitoring Plans

We offer two monitoring plans to keep you connected to your vehicle while it is parked.


$8 / Month


$20 / Month

Motion-Activated Notifications

Real-Time Video

Video History for 60 Days

Video Saving and Sharing

Snapshot Capture

Built-In Cellular Connection

Car Insurance Discounts*

24/7 Priority Police Dispatch

24/7 Fire Department Dispatch

24/7 Ambulance Dispatch

Unlimited Camera Recordings


Cars are Stolen Per Year in the U.S.

A Special Deal For Our First Followers

We plan to do for car security what Ring and Simplisafe did for home security. Our December production run is sold out and we are now taking pre-orders for our March 2023 deliveries. Knights will be shipped in order of when our pre-orders are received and we offer a five-month installment payment plan.

For a limited time, all pre-orders will receive the first 12 months of self-monitoring for free, a $100 value. In addition, we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all pre-orders. If you are not satisfied with your Knight for any reason, just send the device back within 30 days of receipt and we will refund your device with no questions asked!

It is time to fight back against car thieves and burglars. Join our crusade to make life miserable on those whose occupation involves other people’s property.

Keep thieves away. Keep your car safe.