Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our product and platform. If you have any additional questions about our product or platform services, please feel free to reach out. 

What if my car is already equipped with an alarm?

Most car alarms that come installed with new vehicles utilize vibration sensors.  These alarms detect subtle movements and are prone to false positives from passing traffic and loud noises. Few of these systems are equipped with cameras, monitoring, GPS, and a deterrent mode.

How is Keep unique in protecting my vehicle?
Most car theft deterrents take a narrow approach and provide partial solutions. For instance, a wheel lock protects against car theft but does little to deter a break-in. Our Knight device is designed to be the only device you’ll ever need to keep your car safe. With ten pending patents, we are the first device to deter, monitor, alarm, notify, and track.
Why wouldn’t a thief throw the alarm out the window?
Our device is designed to prevent removal from the vehicle. With a patented design that anchors into your cup holder, the Knight installs easily but only comes out when you decide. Once the device locks in, it can only be released through the app. And with an alarm that rivals the volume of an ambulance, a thief won’t last long inside of your vehicle.
How is this device different from a dashcam?
While a dashcam can monitor activity in your vehicle and even notify you of activity, it can easily be discarded from your vehicle. A thief only needs to keep their face covered for a few seconds before tossing a dashcam out the window. And without an alarm function, an intruder has ample time to discard. Our device anchors into the cupholder and sounds an alarm that encourages thieves to move on to the next vehicle.
Who installs it for you?
While most after-market car alarms require complicated wiring installations, the Knight is designed for simple DIY installation. Just plug your device into a USB or OBD port, place it in your cup holder, and twist clockwise until the device locks in. Download our app, scan the barcode, set up your user name and register. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
Does it work in all cupholders?
We tested our device in over 100 different models. As long as your vehicle has a circular cupholder, our device should comfortably lock into place.
How does it get power?
We recommend connecting your device to the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port which charges your device even while the vehicle is turned off. Our device is also easily charged when connected to a USB port and our fully-charged battery will last weeks on one charge.
How does the device deter break-ins?

With a patented, two-sensor design, any individual who approaches the vehicle without a Keep fob will be warned with a loud chirp and an aggressive flashing red light. Should this individual proceed to enter the vehicle through a door or window, an alarm of 120 decibels will sound.

What if a thief manages to steal valuables from my vehicle?
The Knight device is equipped with a 360-degree fisheye camera that will automatically record when the alarm is triggered. This footage is saved in the cloud and can be shared with the police to help apprehend the individual who stole your belongings.
What if a thief drives off with the device alarmed?

Should a thief dare to drive with the 120-decibel alarm sounding, the device will also notify the user via our Keep app. Simultaneously, our 24-hour monitoring center will notify the police and track the device’s location via GPS.

Can I disarm the device without uninstalling it?
Yes, the Knight device can be placed in “valet mode” for occasions where someone else might need to drive your car.
Must I manually arm the alarm every time I leave my vehicle?
Our device arms automatically when it can no longer detect your FOB key within twenty feet of your vehicle.
Can this device detect someone in the back seat?
The sensors in our device can detect movement in most backseats. In some of the largest SUVs and trucks, we recommend our extended sensor package to ensure full protection.
When will the first units be available for sale?

We expect to have production units available by summer of 2022. To follow our product launch schedule, click here.

What is the price?
The Knight device is available for pre-order at a price of $299.00.
How do I sign up for monitoring?
After purchasing and setting up your Knight device, subscribe to a Keep Monitoring plan. You can enroll in professional monitoring on Keep.Tech or using the Keep App. We’ll ask you to confirm a few details and let us know who we should contact in an emergency.
What can I monitor with the Keep mobile app?

The Keep mobile app alerts for any unauthorized user entering your vehicle. It also displays near real-time video of the event. The device also monitors and scores a driver’s behaviors, tracking speed, hard braking, distracted driving, and trip routes.

How can I keep track of my family with Keep?

Our device records trip data for each family member. With the Keep mobile app, you can see location, route, and unsafe events like speeding, hard braking, and distracted driving. We even give you a score for each individual trip to help encourage your family to drive safely.