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Keep Thieves Away. Keep Your Car and Family Safe. 

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We Keep Thieves Away From Your Vehicle

Most devices offer only a handful of the features needed to fully protect your vehicle and belongings. At Keep, we invented a solution that closes the loopholes in modern car security.

850,000+ Cars are Stolen Per Year in the U.S.

Auto thefts cost more than $8 billion annually.

A vehicle is stolen every 36 seconds.

20.2% of Americans have had their car burglarized

32% of US city dwellers have had a break-in or vandalism in the last 18 months: Keep Survey

Keep’s Knight device is the world’s first easy-to-install, connected alarm with video, GPS and monitoring.

About Keep

New, Better & More Accessible Security Options for Car Owners

Responds and notifies immediately in emergency situations.

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Better yet, use our safe driving software to keep emergencies from ever happening.

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Keep Safety and Security Features

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Access Control

Limits unsafe behaviors by controlling driving access and allows users to schedule who can use the vehicle and when.

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Location Tracking

Provides real-time and historical location sharing to show current whereabouts and timeline of past trips.

Trip Information

Captures data from individual drives for miles logged, top speed, driving behavior, and any driving events.

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Deterrent Mode

Passive infrared + microwave sensors detect motion and activate deterrent mode with flashing red light if unauthorized person looks in window.

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If vehicle is broken into, a 120dB siren begins to sound and video starts recording via fish-eye camera.

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Once a recording begins, video and location data are instantly sent to the user and monitoring specialists via the cloud. Monitoring specialists immediately notify the authorities of break-ins and tracks vehicle via GPS.

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The Knight

The Knight is a do-it-all vehicle security device. As a crime deterrent, the Knight warns, alarms, monitors, notifies and records criminal activity, all while anchoring into your cupholder.