Keep Monitoring never sleeps

The average response time to a car theft or break-in is measured in hours. Why? Access to information. Whether you monitor personally or take advantage of our monitoring center, Keep makes it easy to notify the authorities immediately with video eyewitness evidence.

Respond faster to theft.

As soon as our sensors recognize an intruder, Keep notifies you through our mobile app. All Keep customers have access to our Self-Monitoring package.

But what if you’re in a meeting, or fast asleep? With Keep’s professional monitoring, we alert the authorities immediately every time. Our monitoring specialists are trained to share video and GPS coordinates of the incident with the authorities to prompt immediate action. And they keep you updated as emergency personnel arrive on the scene.

Monitoring Plans

We offer two monitoring plans to keep you connected to your vehicle while it is parked.


$8 / Month


$20 / Month

Motion-Activated Notifications

Real-Time Video

Video History for 60 Days

Video Saving and Sharing

Snapshot Capture

Built-In Cellular Connection

Car Insurance Discounts*

24/7 Priority Police Dispatch

24/7 Fire Department Dispatch

24/7 Ambulance Dispatch

Unlimited Camera Recordings

Don’t Love It? Return It.

Test the Knight for 30 days. Your alarm arrives ready to install in minutes. No tools or shop required. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund (no questions asked).