The world's first connected car alarm

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Quick and easy to install yourself

Easy to install yourself

Deters entry with sirens and red lights

Deters with sirens and lights

Records and sends video upon entry

Records and sends video

Feature-rich Keep mobile app

Feature-rich mobile app

Money back guarantee & free shipping

Money back guarantee

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

" I bought my Keep Device because car break-ins were all over the news. I liked how your product warned thieves BEFORE they tried to break into my Ford Edge. I'm already recommending it to my friends and family. "

Dinetha D. in Milwaukee, WI

"Now I'm not worried if I forget to lock my car. If someone looks in, the radar inside the Device detects them and then chirps with a light flash. They'll move on to the next car."

David M. in Atlanta, GA

"We installed the Keep Device in five minutes and love how it automatically arms and disarms. I don't worry about my car so much knowing that I will get notified immediately if someone gets too close."

Jeanine S. in Milwaukee, WI

"I love having the ability to see who or what is near my car right from my mobile. Hellcats are targets for thieves and I know that if anything happens, my Keep Device will notify me immediately."

Michael P. in Irving, TX

"I like that your Device is a complete security system that requires no effort on my part.
It arms and disarms automatically, serves as a deterrent, and alerts, alarms, and records should the deterrent fail. There isn't much else one can ask for in a security system."

James K. in Southport, CT

"My favorite part of the Keep Device is not any specific feature. It is the peace of mind when I park my car."

John A. in Puyallup, WA

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Payment Plans: As low as $23/month

For a limited time only get the Keep Device for 10% off while supplies last. Use coupon code KEEP10 at checkout.

Monitoring plans starting at around: 33ยข/day

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Keep Thieves Away

To prevent crime from happening in the first place, the Keep Device will chirp the siren and flash the red LEDs at anyone who approaches your vehicle to let them know not to mess with it.

Make your neighborhood safer by deterring crime from happening in the first place, instead of just sounding the alarm after fact.



Video and Photo Evidence

With the Keep app, you'll receive a notification when the Device detects any security or safety related events. Location data and a live video of the event let you quickly decide how to take action. You'll be able to gather evidence, call the police, or disarm the Keep Device depending on the situation. 

Our 24/7 monitoring service will allow you to never worry about your vehicle again. Our trained staff can review the video from any event and call the police on your behalf if you aren't available at the time.


Easy Install

Twist, Twist, Done

Easily install the Keep Device in 3 simple steps without the need for any tools or professional help. Plug the Device into your vehicle's OBD port to make sure it can always be on guard.

No need to visit the auto body service shop or spend hours deconstructing your vehicle to add a dated car alarm. We designed the Keep Device so that anyone can install it.


Easy Use

Impossible to forget

With the provided Keep Fob, the Keep Device will automatically detect when you leave your vehicle and arm itself. No buttons to press or responsibility on your part. And when you walk up to your vehicle, it automatically disarms.

To maximize battery life and allow for a variety of key storage locations, the Fob only attempts to communicate with the Device when it is in motion. So feel free to hang your keys close to your vehicle - no problem.

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Happy Customers

More Happy Customers

I can't express enough how comforting it is to know that my truck is safe and secure! With trucks costing $100,000+ these days, protecting them is of paramount importance. Thankfully, KEEP has taken the level of security to a whole new level โ€“ tenfold, to be exact!

Robert Tassone - Hubbard, Ohio

The flexibility it offers, allowing me to come in and out of my car without the hassle of manual activation via the app, is a game-changer. The seamless integration with my phone and Keyfob ensure my vehicle's safety.

Andre Moon - Riverdale, Georgia

I'm blown away by the level of security this device provides with almost no effort required on my part. The seamless way it arms and disarms without any intentional action from me is remarkable.

James Kearns - Southport, Connecticut

I am beyond impressed with the ease of installation and user-friendliness of this device! I didn't want to deal with complex hardwiring in my vehicle. Thankfully, this product made it a breeze โ€“ hassle-free installation all the way!

Jing Moy - Moreno Valley, California

I can't believe how convenient it is to have everything in one place. I feel so much safer knowing that I can track my car anytime, anywhere, right from my phone. Kudos to the team behind this remarkable product!

Alex Rutkowski Jr. - Quakertown, Pennsylvania


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