Design Process

From Ideation to Realization

Our first product, the Keep Device, behaves like an aftermarket car alarm without the false positives and painful installation. It represents a breakthrough in the field by solving several problems simultaneously: anchoring, installation, sensors, video recording, data transmission, form factor, and set-it-and-forget-it arming and disarming.

Our story

To prevent someone from breaking in and stealing the car, our device needed to anchor.

So we invented a patented way it could twist to anchor. And then we improved on this mechanism so that anyone could complete the installation. We needed to sense motion without false alarms, so we evaluated sensors and found the best fit for a car. Then we improved on that method, adding a microwave sensor. This completely reduced false positives and gave us additional capability to sense motion outside of the vehicle. 

With the ability to sense motion outside of the car, we added a deterrent mode that chirps and flashes a red light at anyone outside, warning them not to enter. If they do enter, a painfully loud siren sounds while a fish-eye camera records the interior of the vehicle. This video is then transmitted wirelessly to the cloud. From the cloud it can be viewed by a 24/7 monitoring service and on the owner’s phone.

Our story
Our mission

Hundreds of discussions with potential customers drove our design.

Early user tests revealed consumers wanted their cupholders so we modified the design to hold drinks phones.
Testing also taught us that many people would forget to manually arm their device. So we designed the device to detect when the owner isn’t present and arm automatically. When the device detects an authorized user, it disarms. We achieve this through our fob or phone app.

Building the next big thing in tech is hard and takes time.

Our solution utilizes hardware, firmware, mechanical components & enclosure, cloud software & servers, and mobile applications. It is complex and takes years to build the right way. We are excited to create a breakthrough solution in the car security and safety space.

Our story