About Us

Our Founder’s Story

In the Fall of 2018, Keep’s founder had his car broken into for the third time. He searched the internet for an easy-to-install device for a car. David owned a Ring doorbell and wanted something similar with sensors, cellular connection, video feed, and a loud alarm to deter thieves. He found nothing of the kind.


If you can’t find an ideal product, build one.

David built two successful companies by solving problems through technology. He invented The Claw, a bike rack system that has sold over 1,000,000 units since inception. He also co-founded CodeGuard, the leader in small business website backup, and grew its customer base to over 1,000,000 paid users.

CES Knight

Start iterating. And then move fast.

Working with a small team of engineers, David set out to build a connected car alarm. Through extensive user feedback, the design evolved to close the loop on the drawbacks of many of the most popular designs. The Knight is the company’s first product and focuses on security and safety. It is an incredible marriage of hardware and software that has the chance to lower auto crime substantially.

CES Knight

You’re never going to get there on your own.

With the prototype defined, it was time to scale. That’s when Ian Mathews & Jonathan Manuzak, two of Keep’s investors, joined in full-time roles. Ian as Chief Revenue Officer to drive sales, marketing, and awareness, and Jonathan as Chief Technology Officer to oversee hardware, firmware, cloud, mobile, and mechanical. They helped build out the team that’s driving Keep Technologies forward today.

Our Team

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