Most Aftermarket Car Alarms are One-dimensional

They either deter car theft or car break-ins. For example, dashcams with cellular connections deter break-ins but your car can be stolen and the dashcam thrown out of the window. A wheel lock will definitely stop a thief from driving away but does nothing to prevent a “smash and grab” theft of your laptop in the backseat.

comparison of keep products to similar platforms in the safety and security field

Keep’s Device Combines Their Strengths Without the Weaknesses.

Unlike existing aftermarket car alarms that require special installation by an auto shop and vibration sensors that cause false positives, Keep’s Knight is an easy-to-install device that deters thieves, sounds an alarm, and records them. And it interfaces with a mobile app so users can control it from anywhere.

For a comprehensive analysis of how our device compares to the nine leading car theft deterrents on the market, check out our blog post.

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